As a playwright, performer, and poet, I interested in exploring power, family, and sexuality through a black queer lens. As a queer person of color is it rare to find detailed, personal, and passionate stories about minorities, those individuals that hang on the fringes of mainstream society, and the populace that shifts dynamically between many cultural and social sects of life; these shifts being the intersectionality of cultures and communities. I’m intrigued by stories of transformation, forced transformations, and failed attempts. I want to write daring, awkward, funny, ambiguous moments in characters lives and investigate those moments within in historical, political and societal contexts of America today.

The intersectionality of blackness and queerness is often looked over or represented in a few and not in the many, voluminous multitudes of experiences that occur. As a non-binary, black and queer person, the work I like to make reflects the difficult, changing landscape of gender and sexality politics. I make work that engages in possibility; possibility in story and structure. I work create conversations with different forms of theatrical genre; spectacle versus naturalism and poetic language versus realist language. In meshing and bumping these genres against one another, I find an exciting element of higher emotionality within my work that allows access to the audience at many points.

I’m interested in making work that holds many languages, not only spoken, but in the landscapes of sound and the body as well. The work I like to make and engage with challenges theatrical, storytelling, and genre norms. I believe that is where the high cathartic, engaging moments of theatre happens; when the body, the theatrical space, the sound, the design are stretching the limits of theatre and of the audience’s imagination.