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It's A Travesty! One Night With Jazzie Mercado!

"It’s a Travesty! One Night With Jazzie Mercado! is a glitter-bombed elegy for the distances working to separate us from ourselves. Using song & spell, the show confesses & confounds our own personal histories, bodies, & loves, not so we may leave those things behind, but so we may carry those things with us, & so we may call this healing." 

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Watch a sample clip from It's a Travesty! One Night With Jazzie Mercado!


when new orleans becomes a brown sea

The story of Terrance and Judy, a Black man and a white woman who are stuck on a roof in a flooded neighborhood of New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina. In a town filled with the ghosts of past injustices, they must find a way to escape the roof and find relief.

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