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3W, 3 gender non-specific 

Darla Belleford is just three days away from her 21st birthday. Oh, and her grandmother Sherry just let her know she's a witch! With the help of Winston (her family cat), Sherry (her grandmother), Barb (her mother) and the all powerful goddess, will Darla complete her induction into the family coven? MotherWitch tells the story of three generations of black women who share an ancestral power that helps, hinders, and brings complexity to their family dynamic. 



4W, 5M

Seneca follows the story of Seneca Village, a town of freed slaves and immigrants in the mid 1800s, that once stood, where now modern day Central Park stands. Bridgette, the town Governess, and her precocious children, are surprised by the mid-day arrival of Rose and Lawrence, a runaway family sent on the Underground Railroad. In present day, a attractive interracial gay couple, Jon and Todd, are headed out on their monthly date to Central Park. The music of the two worlds blend, bend, and collide with one another as the play continues. Seneca is a historical fictive play that explores blackness, freedom, and the ever rising situation of gentrification within many of our cities across America. 


Queen of The Night

(formerly The Forest)


Stephen, a 63 year-old, recent divorcee, takes his son, Ty, a millennial queer, on a camping trip to their old stomping grounds, a place Stephen took Ty often as a child. Stuck in the woods for a few days, no phone, and only their memories, Stephen and Ty must reckon with the past in this present wilderness.The Forest explores masculinity and queerness through the lens of multi-generational Blackness.